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Sri Lanka: Militarization Vs. Modernization

Basil Fernando 1991

Asian Refugees: A Search for Solutions - A Study Based on the Experience of Burmees and Sri Lankan Refugees

Basil Fernando 1991

Death and Rebirth: Stories, Poems and an Interview about the Culture of Sri Lanka
Basil Fernando 1991
The Inability to Prosecute: Courts and Human Rights in Combodia and Sri Lanka

Basil Fernando 1993

Power Vs. Conscience: The Excommunication of Fr. Tissa Balasuriya
Basil Fernando, Bruce Van Voorhis 1997
Problems Facing the Combodian Legal System

Basil Fernando 1998

Demoralization and Hope (Creating the Social Foundation for Sustaining Democracy): A Comparative Study of the Ideas of B.R. Ambedkar (1881-1956) - India, and N.F.S. Grundtvig (1783-1872) - Denmark

Basil Fernando 1999

Kalyan Mitatta: A Beautiful Friendship
Basil Fernando 2001
The Right to Speak Loudly: Essays on Law and Human Rights
Basil Fernando 2004
An X-Ray of the Sri Lankan Policing System and Torture of the Poor

Basil Fernando; Shyamali Puvimanasinghe 2005

Sri Lanka: Towards a Contempt of Courts Laws

Basil Fernando, Shyamali Puvimanasinghe 2008



The Sea Was Calm Behind Your House: Collected Poems
Basil Fernando 2009
A Baseline Study on Torture in Sri Lanka

Basil Fernando, Sanjeewa R. Weerawickrame 2009

Recovering the Authority of Public Institutions: A Resource Book on Law and Human Rights in Sri Lanka
Basil Fernando, Nick Cheesman 2009
Sri Lanka: Impunity, Criminal Justice and Human Rights

Basil Fernando, Meryam Dabhoiwala 2010

Narrative of Justice in Sri Lanka Told Through Stories of Torture Victims
Basil Fernando 2013
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